That’s it, i’ve done it…10 years on the road…not sure it’s reason enough to celebrate but hey, what’s life without special occasions.

It will all be happening on May the 24th, starting with an alleycat in the afternoon (with the Wookie seal of approval) followed by bands and music at the Chat’s Palace in Homerton

The alleycat:

It’s a point race, you have to complete several manifests.

You will be given one manifest at the time and you have to come back to the start line after completing it. Upon return of the first rider, we will start the clock and there will be limited time for the following racers to pick up their next manifest; whoever doesn’t make it within the time limit, will be out of the race.

Each checkpoint is worth 10 points..there will be a possibility to pick extra points on route….there’s a 50 points bonus for whoever dresses french.

In case two or more riders have the same amount of points, whoever finishes all their manifests first, will be the winner.

Meet at the Foundry (corner of Old st and Gt Eastern st) on Saturday 24th may at 3…after party from 8 at the Chats Palace, Brooksby walk E9…see you there

Most importantly, all profits come back here to the LCEF!!