Coordinating your shirt and beer is an awesome ideaWow. Go Team. Thanks to everyone who braved the online ordering system. Those sales, and a brisk bit of trade at the Smithfield Nocturne, mean we’ve sold most of our first batch already. Happily, we’ve got the House of Pistard sweatshop working overtime to stock up again.

At the moment we’ve still got all sorts of black left. I think theres a small and a medium green, a small brown and a small khaki left in the mens pile, and a womens medium in pink, light blue or grey. If any of these sound like your thing, grab it while you can..

Incidentally, apologies to those of you who haven’t recieved them yet. I realise some of you might expect a bunch of professional couriers to be able to deliver a few shirts on time. Quickly and safely, even. Not a chance. Its safety third over here at the LCEF, and we were so excited to be selling shirts we just got a little behind on the actual delivery aspect. Anyway, theyre all packaged now and hopefully I’ll be posting the last batch tomorrow.

Also, thanks again to everyone who donated money. You know who you are, and the injured messengers of the future thank you.


We have no mens colours left 😦

We sold the last green one (thanks Tom) and the other remaining three are being escorted by Moving Target to CMWC Toronto. We still have mens black in all sorts of sizes. And more colours are on their way, so if youve got a request for a preorder, let us know…