Jesus, what a weekend. Its not impossible youre still recovering from the aftermath of Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, the first female-only alleycat, organised by the wonder that is Chandra and her charming assistant, the LCEF’s very own Pikemeister.  For those of you that missed it,  Moving Target has a report here, featuring the winner of best pussycat costume award and Nhatt’s in-depth account of bra-burning and phallus-grabbing.   Chandra’s own race report is here, and congratulations are due to, well, everyone. Possibly the finest alleycat this year. Special mention to the Fund’s own Stef, and of course Nhatt, for joint first place.

Naturally, all profits from the race are going to the Emergency Fund.

For those not racing, or revealing their inner transvestite, the hottest costume of the weekend was the new LCEF logo shirts, fresh from the hackney sweatshop of the House of Pistard.  Tenners were flying as the new batch was revealed, fought over, desleeved by Ryan and then drunkenly posed in.  Check out Londons Finest in these pictures, then hit the link above to get your own piece of fashion history with free LCEF good karma points.