With the LCEF now firmly established and word steadily seeping out into the community that London now has it’s own emergency fund managed and administered from the capital itself, we received our first claim for assistance.

Scarlet Hughes has been a courier in London for 3 years, most of that time spent with City Sprint. Towards the end of June, on the Kings Road, Fulham, Scarlet fell foul to that most avoidable of accidents, that of being crashed into by someone turning left at a junction without indicating. Obviously the driver didn’t have the courtesy to check their mirror to see that all was clear before turning and Scarlet went down suffering a serious strain to her wrist and a nasty cut to her chin. Scarlet’s been in physiotherapy since her accident and it’s not likely that she will be back to work for another few weeks still. On the positive side of things the driver of the vehicle took full responsibility for the accident (although having an ambulance behind that witnessed the whole thing kinda helped she says) and so Scarlet’s been having to endure the whole strung out act with her appointed solicitor who thankfully assures her that the drivers insurance company will be held accountable not only for the cost of her completely written off bike, but for her loss of earnings, physiotherapy costs and also financial recompense for damage done to her lifestyle through having to be inactive for what is likely to be a full 2 months.

Scarlet received an emergency payment from the LCEF to tide her over in the short-term during the period where she was unsure where money was going to come from to pay for lifes necessities. Although she is now receiving support from her family she is able to report with confidence that she is likely to receive full financial recompense from her insurance claim and that she will also take steps towards repaying the LCEF when her claim comes good. Others are less fortunate. We wish Scarlet a most speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her back on the road soon..