We’re pretty sure that enough noise was made in attracting peoples attention and support for this years London’s Calling, an event organised to follow-on from last years pre-event for the Dublin European Championships. The weekend was a great success, attracting well over 80 participants and loads of help from many of those across the courier community. The organisers always had a keen eye on raising as much money for the LCEF as possible from the proceeds of the event and are proud to report that at the last count more than £1000 in sterlings was raised to help plump up the fund.

A full list of thank-you’s can be found over at the London’s Calling site but the LCEF would like to pay special tribute at this time to the Rollapaluza who played a huge part in helping raise this money by offering their very in demand services free of charge to help secure that the event was profitable. Rollapaluza was born from the courier community so it would seem fitting that they are now instrumental in putting something back in, through helping to raise funds for the LCEF. Oh, and it was a brilliant night of Roller Racing in the Imbibe Bar by the way. Up there with the best of them..

Check here for a full report and results from the event.


In other news the LCEF received a further application for assistance following a very regretable hit-and-run incident involving Niki Kovacs, a City Sprint rider. Niki was involved in a collision when she was pulled out onto by a moped rider on Old Bond Street on August 4th. Dispicably, the moped rider decided to make a run for it but thankfully the whole incident was witnessed by another cycle courier from Worlds End Couriers who chased the rider down and managed to get his number plate details. Niki sustained an injury to her shoulder and was lucky not to have recieved further injuries as she recalls how the force of the collision drove her under the backside of a lorry which very luckily was stationary at the time. Niki is currently going through the motions with the authorities to bring this prick of a moped rider to justice and having made a number of visits to a chiropractor is now back on the road having had to take time off work to recuperate. Niki received financial help from the LCEF to help her through this regretable ordeal.


Ephraim, who along with Chewy, was one of two couriers to be involved in accidents involving HGV’s on the same day back in the spring and who received financial help from the then fledgling LCEF, has very kindly donated to us a complete set of track wheels for us to sell in order to raise money to direct back into the fund. Ephraim sustained a very serious injury to his legs on the day and had to take 3 months or so off work. He has since made a full recovery and can be seen tearing it up round town like it never happened at all. Many thanks indeed to Ephraim for this very noble gesture. As if being the LCEF mascot wasn’t enough!?