There’s quite simply nothing we like more here at the LCEF than being approached with a canny fundraising idea. It’s no secret that the strength and longevity of the LCEF lies in being able to draw on the goodwill and charity of not only London’s couriers, but from the wider cycling community, too.   And so it was with true yuletide gusto and enthusiasm that we took up the generous offer of being involved in the Treasurecat leg of Fixed-Magazine’s 2nd issue launch day.

A bitterly cold day saw a solid turnout rallied and organised by Fixed-Mag’s very own Ian ‘Sano’ Sansom and Manchester’s infamous Craig Nasty. Fittingly, the LCEF had the simple pleasure of re-claiming the legendary Duke of York as the venue for our checkpoint where riders had to stop by to collect an LCEF cap in return for points as part of their ‘Crap Xmas’ manifest. Fivers flew, beers downed, favours bought and a pile of LCEF caps disappeared in a blur of arrospoks, checked shirts and coiffeured moustaches.

Back at the finish, The Foundry, hot gluhwein simmered behind the bar and was greedily drank whilst points were calculated and rankings judged. Christmas came early for the LCEF as Ian sauntered over handing us a proper roll of cash collected from entry money (a wise guy always carries his money in a roll). When added to the money taken from donations and cap sales we counted over £300. Yes, £300!

Many, many thanks guys and especially to Ian who ran tings with a nicely measured cool and very little fuss. Good luck with the mag and Merry Xmas to you all!! Much appreciated.

btw, sweet after party!