Seems like it was only yesterday that we was born but at the end of April, only next month, the LCEF is gonna be 1 year old!

To help celebrate this proud occasion, we have decided to commission the community to help us come up with an original t-shirt design to mark the date and put a lasting stamp on the achievements of our first year. The winning design will be used to print up a limited-edition run of shirts. These will made available to buy here but amongst other things will also be taken along to the ECMC to help represent the LCEF and the London contingent at the champs.

– The Brief –

To give you a flavour, a favourite slogan of ours so far has been ‘LCEF – sorting out couriers since 2008’ but really you’ve got complete license to put forward anything you like. All we ask is that it has ‘LCEF’ somewhere in the design and obviously that it tips a nod to the world of cycling and courierdom. Anyone can enter a design and we can accept entries in any format you choose be it a digital file, drawn with crayons on a napkin or whatever you’re used to. Remember too that we already have an LCEF logo so we’re not asking for a new design on that front, we love the one we’ve got.

Entries to be in with us by the end of March with public feedback and judging to follow.

Entries can be e-mailed over using the form on the right or you can hunt us down and give us your design in person. Our numbers are also available here ^. Goes without saying that the winner gets kudos  a free t-shirt 😉

Also around this we’re planning a birthday party for the end of April so get in touch if you have any ideas around venues or acts or if you fancy getting involved in that.

The digested read for locals – Oi bruvna, draw us a top n’ then we’ll ‘ave a beano, yeah?

The digested read for locals, digested – Dicky Dirts for the Short and Stouts.