The LCEF is one year old next week so we’re gonna have a bash!

Locally sourced, organic, 100% genuine courier punk bands will be very kindly stepping up and thrashing it out alongside some of London’s London’s most tragically beat-whipped courier dj’s. Expect upfront tunes all night, movie backdrops, brown booze on tap and daiquiris for the ladies… Oh, and lasers.

We want to invite everyone and anyone that helped, encouraged or supported the LCEF over the last year whether it was helping to rep us around town, taking part in events, sporting one of our caps or whatever… Welcome one and all.

Chandra and Matt, the winners of our design competition’s brave new t-shirts will finally be unveiled on the night and we’ll also be showing off new colours from our shortly to arrive from Italy fresh batch of caps for all those who want to get one or update on last years.

Latest news – Anyone turning up on a bike will have the luxury of being able to bring their bike inside the large patio area of The Korsan Bar thereby avoiding the risk of theft from all the millions of marauding gangs of bike theives that constantly patrol the area..

Wookie’s Alleycat with No Name kicks off just after 7:30 so you’ll need your map.


In relation to the entire globe, London is a small place. Happily, this means that the LCEF is never really very far away from someone who needs to claim and also that lines of communication are able to be opened up pretty quickly. We use a very simple model that is purposefully transparent and there for all to see.  A year is a long time in politics and it’s been a good twelve months for the LCEF.  We’re pretty stoked to feel that we’ve managed to establish the fund financially. We had a solid catapulting from initial donations and from growing that we’ve been able to make help available to all those that have applied to us.

Since that first very worrying day back in Spring ’08 when two of our messenger friends Ephraim and Chewy got run over on the same day and spurred the whole thing into being, the LCEF has received 8 further claims for assistance, not all of which have been publicised. We were able to offer help in each case simply through the generosity of everyone that has been involved with the fundraising. On that side of things and by way of letting people know where we are with things, we’ve totted up that we probably paid out less than half what we have in our secure co-operative account right now (if we paid out a couple of bags of sand last year). That being the case there’s no reason in the short term for our not being able to offer help to any London courier injured at work if it is asked for, which is nice.

As always, anyone with any ideas or interest in helping take the LCEF forward get in touch. Big ups again to baddesigner and to Big Daddy Wayne for the slick flyer design. See you at the party!