… is going to be on Thursday November 26th. Well, they’ve got their own Appreciation Day in America’s famous America so why not here? Let’s be fair, London’s couriers pioneered the popular use of the fixed-wheel bike as an everyday workhorse back in the early 70’s  so why shouldn’t we borrow one of their good ideas back?? (Timeline: 1967 – ‘Buffalo’ Bill Chidley buys the publishing rights to an alternative left-wing cycling-related offshoot of ‘Oz Magazine’ from Felix Dennis. MT is born. 1972 – Bill purchases London’s first prototype ‘fixie-up-my-wheel bike’ from Eric Zo in a pub in Stoke-on-Trent. The ‘fixie’ is born.)

Anyhow, the LCEF weren’t as organised this time around as to manage to formally request a proclamation from the Mayor of London decreeing that this day be officially recognised in the city calendar but maybe this is something that can be looked at for next year? Who knows, it’s not that far-fetched, right?? Boris is a friendly chap after all. But, what we do know is that we want to do something ourselves to celebrate the working life of London’s couriers, without who’s tireless toil the city would no doubt crumble into ashes.

‘X’ marks the spot so keep an eye out for us at Shaftesbury & Bloomsbury where we will hopefully be brightening up people’s days with free hot coffee (courtesy of Leather Lane’s very own Lawrence aka FULLCITY BIKES) along with a selection of home-baked cakes and treats from various courier kitchens. We are also very happy to have Tour de Ville’s  Ross along for the duration who has very kindly offered his services as BIKE DOCTOR for the day and who will be offering free bike health checks and on the spot maintainance for those who need it. Free LCEF goodies, badges and stickers will be given out and of course info about the fund itself will be readily offered to those who are interested. So come along, say hello, hang out and big yourself up, fingers crossed it ain’t raining…