Have a last sip of dutch courage and gulp down some good, long, deep breaths coz here comes the pain! Yup, it’s Donkey Derby time in Clerkenwell again and an important milestone in the frenetic life of the unstoppable juggernaut that has become the Rollapaluza experience. Born out of courier roller racing as ‘Goldsprints’ a decade ago, the Rolla crew return to their spiritual home, The Horseshoe, for the UK Working Courier Championships 2010.

Thanks for sponsorship and prizes from Leather Lane’s FULLCITY CYCLES and HOUSE OF PISTARD .

Also , if you missed out on picking up one of our zipped hoodies before xmas we’ll be bringing a few from a new batch down on the night, courier black only! We’ll also be unveiling our brave new LCEF sweatshirts, also in black, so check those out twixt pints and races if you can..

Courier DJ’s, OD on the mike, £5 on the door, all proceeds to the LCEF!