Rollapaluza Goldsprints 2010 lived up to it’s promise yet again with another superb, atmosphere laden night of roller mayhem at The Horseshoe.  About forty or so working couriers, male and female, stepped up to see who would go away with the highly coveted title of fastest courier in London and the competition was nothing other than fierce. For the girls, newcomer Lucy Banks slinked out of the shadows to conquer all that lay before her leaving in her wake a trail of utterly destroyed, weepy-eyed femalengers. For the boys, it was all bright eyes, hope and promise but only until Janky finished the late shift at Creative and waltzed in to qualify just before the deadline.  The rest was a simple case of history repeating itself as the final saw Roger Ramjet giving it another damn good go against ‘the fastest courier in London’ but to no avail. Well done to Janky and Lucy for the victory.

Thanks to House of Pistard and Fullcity for generously sponsoring, to Sleepy, Skarper, Dazzler, Chris Courier and Akeley for the tunes, Eggpie and Gertie for rider set-up, Ranolf Feckenger for making it down all the way from Glasgow and the biggest thanks of all to Winston and Caspar without whom we wouldn’t have been able to raise the mind boggling amount of £650! Thanks to all – it’ll make a difference to someone.

Full results and pics HERE

New season, new clobber. We’ve added to the LCEF wardrobe of late with the introduction of the LCEF sweatshirt, modelled here by the funds very own Papillon. Here’s a little list of clothing that we currently have available at the moment so if you’re after something give one of us a bell (numbers below) and we’ll get you sorted. Free delivery! (on circuit..)..

Original Hoodies: 1 x small green / 4 x small black / 2 x large grey / 1 x Xlarge grey
Zipped Hoodies: 7 x small black / 10 x medium black
Sweatshirts: 4 x Xsmall black / 5 x small black / 2 x medium black

Classic LCEF t-shirts: 2 x small blue / 3 x small – 1 x medium brown / 2 x medium burgundy / 2 x large green
Classic LCEF ladies t-shirts: 3 x medium – 1 x small bright red with white design
                                                        2 x medium green with black design / 2 x small – 2 x medium green  with white design                                                     

                                                        1 x small – 2 x medium black
                                                        2 x medium light grey cap sleeves
                                                        1 x medium light blue cap sleeves
                                                        1 x medium pink cap sleeves

                                                        Badssigner: 2 x small red

                                                       Chandra’s design: 2 x small – 2 xmedium – 2 x large – 1 x lady small – 1 x lady medium  white

Chandra – 07576022136

Sax – 07792486894

Ephraim – 07882768246

Pedro – 07941945223

Steph – 07534713763

Dazzler – 07747828800


Finally, G-reg Crazysocks was at the Rolla taking sponsorship pledges for his upcoming ride from Lands End to London – to date he’s taken £450 worth of sponsorship so far! Magic stuff. Keep trucking Greg, love your work x