Falling off seems to be the new staying on. Indeed, we’ve had reports in hushed whispers from those in the know recently that you’re not down with the kids unless your arm’s in a sling or you have a plastercast on your leg. So having dealt with half a dozen or so claims in the first three months of the year, the LCEF enjoyed a welcome lull for a couple of months but only until June rolled around where the batphone started ringing off the hook. First out of the blocks was Christian who took a tumble after narrowly avoiding a collision with some pedestrians on his journey home. Breaking your thigh bone in two is serious stuff and when we visited him in hospital he quite rightly had an itchy trigger finger on the morphine gun. Next it was Creative’s Janky James who had a ‘nothing’ spat with white van man and came out of it with the ubiquitous broken collar bone. Godammit ouch. This was followed in quick succession by a claim from Kamil who works for Pink, only this time it was the classic ‘cabbie turning in on him’ scenario, mashing up both his bike and his knee in the process, a month off work and counting. Number four, Justin, works for Courier Systems, another tryst, another broken collar bone, another extended period off the road and out of work. And the month isn’t even at an end..

OK, the coffers have taken a battering this month but thanks to peoples continued generosity and creativity the fund continues to remain well positioned and with the huge success of recent guerilla fundraising (the global gutz and the broke ‘n’ boned alleycats) those whom we couldn’t help as much as we would liked to have done due to their accident being outside of work received gladly welcomed support in the form of COLD HARD CASH too which has been a real joy to behold. Get well soon folks. It can’t be any fun being laid up whilst the sun is shining, especially after the record harsh winter we’ve just endured. Take solice in the fact that this summer is predicted to be a record breaker as well and has BBQ and Indian written all over it going way through till October. Yeah right.

And talking of guerilla fundraising, check this out – you have until Friday the 2nd of July to get your tickets when the draw will be held at The Duke of York. Nice!