A superbly entertaining evening of community-spirited fun and games (i.e. there was an alleycat), twenty odd riders and easily as many marshals making up the course of ten checkpoints spread out as far and wide as the likes of Spitalfields, Westminster and Primrose Hill. Massive thanks to Charlie for organising  and coordinating the filming of the race (did we count five cameras??), honestly can’t wait till the LCEF Ball to watch the movie. Thanks again to all those that volunteered to help out on the night and huge big-ups to Overdrive and Eni for a convicing victory. See you at the party!

AFRICAT II Race Results


1st – Overdrive
2nd – James
3rd – Alfie


1st – Eni
2nd – Eni
3rd – Eni

Eni photo – Annalisa.