The LCEF would like to thank everyone that came out and took part in London’s Calling, it was an amazing event! We would like to thank especially the wonderful folks at Haphazard, an awesome venue in the heart of Hackney. Big thanks to Niki for creating such a beautiful webside and Csaba for a great flyer. Thanks to all the people for their hard work behind the bar, especially to Zsoka and Justa. Big credit to Irish Wayne for the welcome and much needed breakfast and all the logistical support. Thanks to Ranka for security on the door. Huge thanks to all the bands and DJ’s, the music was full-on large. Special mention to Madafaka, coming all the way from Glasgow, they really ARE better than Metallica! Massive thanks to Rollapaluza for lending us their rollers, and to Gertie, Little John, Rosine and Liz for running the roller race. Thanks to Apryl and Hobbs Printers for the posters and flyers. Untold thanks to our generous sponsors for all the great prizes, some really strong support and much appreciated indeed. London’s Calling 2010 was serious fun and couldn’t have happened without all your help. To those we haven’t mentioned who pitched in you know who you are. The result of all that hard work and some serious donations from the wider community around the weekend has seen an outstanding £2000 raised for the London Courier Emergency Fund. EPIC WIN. Thanks for showing out!


Main race “Le Tour de Londres”

1. Janky James
2. Martin
3. Tom Mcguire (first out-of-towner)

1. Sarah (fourth overall)
2. Steph Papillon
3. Tamsin

DFL: Odge and Mickey Moomoo

Bagjack sprints:

1. Janky James
2. Wookie
3. James Tait

1. Sara Skull

Skid comp:




Foot down:


Roller Race

1.James Dawson
3. Peter

1. Kate
2. Tamsin
3. Liz

Albion Alleycat

1.Janky James
2. Johny H
3. Rob Serious

1. Tamsin
2. Tamsin
3. Tamsin!

1st out of towner : James Dawson (Netherlands)

DFL: Tiff

Video : Redrum
Photos : Annalisa