2009 witnessed London’s first ever Courier Appreciation Day and so having decided that it would be fitting to recognise London’s couriers’ contribution each year around this time, we’re back again next Wednesday the 27th to deliver more of the same in the way of free hot coffee (again sponsored by the those lovely gentlemen at Leather Lane’s Fullcity Cycles), home-cooked cakes and bagels, LCEF goodies, smiles, handshakes and general good cheer. Last years event was very well received and enjoyed by all those who rolled up and all those we managed to flag down in passing so keep an eye out for us on the day, we’ll be camped up on the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue and Bloomsbury Street from 10:00 am so come along and say hello, have a nice slice of cake and let us know if you take sugar.

Following last years Appreciation Day we also took a straw poll amongst various members of the courier community to discover whether people thought it was a good idea to take steps towards attaining some sort of civil recognition, which may have involved approaching selected city bigwigs to see whether they would like to get involved by way of sponsoring us or helping us turn the day into something more official in the city calendar. Interestingly, all we received were various non-committal shrugs, no-one seemed to want anything other than that which we could organise ourselves, so we’ll be leaving it organic. It seems it’s just our transatlantic cousins who feel the need to be recognised by way of a formal proclamation so we’ll happily stick with what we’ve got for now and that’s eachother.

See you there!

Photo – AL Brambilla