Alrighty then, high time for some more big-ups and thumbs-ups to those individuals who have gone well out of their way to support the LCEF over the last few weeks.

First up, stripy-topped, string-of-onions-bedecked London uber-exenger Brice Bedos. This high-profile media darling, prolific child actor and wonder-starlet of such beloved cinematic courier family favourites as ‘The Courier of Oz’, ‘Charlie and the Docket Factory’ and ‘The Jungle Map Book’ has been making the LCEF his firm priority of late as we hear that as part of his leaving gift to London (he’s taking off with his family for fresh horizons in Denmark in June) he’s donated his entire pay from his recent weekend of working with (and learning the ways of) the Rollapaluza. Nice. It’s a little known fact that Brice was actually brought up by a pack of wild couriers deep in the jungles of Boulogne which we think goes some way to explaining his deep affection for and keen sense of preservation towards today’s urban population of couriers.

Merci beaucoup Brice, best of luck in Denmark to you and your family Monsieur.

Watch a small piece of Brice’s epic showreel here..

At the end of April the LCEF moved into it’s 4th year of being and to celebrate our birthday we had a bash at the Boston Arms in Tufnell Park, organised in large part by London courier legend and joke-tastic raconteur Seamous O’Hooligan. Seamous was on the receiving end of a payout from the LCEF last year following a tumble at work so was keen to step up and help out with the gig which along with the mighty RAGWORM, included one of his bands DEFCON ZERO along with quaintly monikered Finnish thrash-metalers ANAL THUNDER. Seamous passed us £130 taken on the door that night which is loads of quids so brilliant effort and thanks. Now we’re just looking for an opportunity to take Seamous up on his idea of a sponsored back, sack and crack wax – we’re currently waiting on finding out whether St. John’s ambulance are gonna be happy to stand by for that.. There will be blood.

Defcon Zero by Miguel de Melo

Another donation came in from Matthias Wjst, a visiting photographer from Germany who made an appeal for London couriers to meet up with him and be photographed for this exhibition. Matthias very kindly stuck £100 into the fund by way of thanks to the community, a very nice gesture indeed. Here’s a couple from the series..

Finally London-based designer Scott Notscot has been working on producing the messenger bag to top all messenger bags and we’re waiting on the launch on his new Black Rainbow Project website which will reside over here. Overdrive has been trialling the bag and can’t say enough good things about it, it’s a pretty high quality item by the sounds of it. Scott’s been kindly donating 10% of all sales of the Black Rainbow pouch he’s also been producing, so if your interested get in touch with him on Facebook for a gander. Many thanks Scott, look forward to the launch..

Cheers chaps!