All images © Selim Korycki

…and everyone had a good time! The list of thank-you’s is a pretty long one so we’ll have a go now. First to Niki Dukes-Kovac’s for putting together a beautiful website, one for the portfolio – to Alex Story for creating the artwork for the Max poster and the t-shirt, some pretty unique work and very well received. To all our amazing sponsors without whom we wouldn’t have been able to heep some pretty amazing prizes on our racers. To Rollapaluza for letting us use their roller equipment, always willing, always appreciated. To House of Pistard for printing up the wicked LC T-shirts, to Hobs Printers for offering to do all our flyer and spokecard printing (for free!). To all the staff at the venues, in particular Victor at The Macbeth, Alfie at The Victoria and Hannah at Imbibe. To Black Rainbow and Gwem for up-front tunes on Friday, to DJ Scarper, Ragworm, Defcon Zero and Noise Complaint for filling the stage with pure awesomeness on Saturday, to Liz Hughes for rushing off on Sunday at the last minute to get music equipment for the roller race. To George for collecting logs, to Bardi for the Goulash! To JP and Barry for BBQ duties. To everyone who came out to marshall at the checkpoints, to the amazing photographers who produced some stunning imagery, Redrum, Rod, Roman, Selimski, Jorge, Stoy, and Aga for last years selection. Fantastic. To Gertie, Little John and Liz for running the rollers, to Creative Ian for van work, to those out-of-towners that made their way to London, you knows who you is. To Peter and Dave for tall bikes and jousts, to Look Mum for our registration venue. Finally to everyone that came out to play and to the LCEF for all their hard work behind the scenes, it was real!