On Saturday the 15th of October we had the opportunity to celebrate Digger’s 50th birthday in Look Mum No Hands. Digger asked me to organise an alleycat for that occasion, with the intention to raise some money for LCEF (that man really has his heart on the left side). So I printed forty manifests for “The Revolutionary Diggcat”. Digger himself took care of the spokecards. All was planed, apart of one thing…. well, the racers. They were just too busy to have a great time on the dance floor and forgot about the race. So, another alleycat that never happened 😦
However, everyone had an awesome time and Digger managed to sell a loads of spokecards… in total £180 worth of spokecards for the benefit of the LCEF. Well done young man! We salute you! Also big thanks to Brixton Cycles, Bikeworks and LMNH for supplying the prizes. They will be used for the next race!

And so the bands battled for the LCEF!

On Friday 21st of October, our friends, and always supportive courier band Ragworm and also for the messenger community unknown band Rikky Fredo & the Fabulous Fucktones organised a battle of bands at the amazing Grosvenor. Ryan the Cannuck organised the “Race of Cocks alleycat” to make the transfer to SE London quicker and more fun. Starting at Fullcity and finishing at the Grosvenor with four checkpoints in between. New to the London messenger scene, Lane from Melbourne Australia, won the race and took home a track frame donated by Fullcity.
Before the battle we were to witness one surprise announcement by Buffalo Bill and that was award winning ceremony for Steph aka “Papillon” with the “Markus Cook Award” for services to the international courier community. Well done Papillon, you truly deserve it! And then the battle started with Ragworm. They showed us more than their solid performance of pumping punk’n’roll. These guys are getting better and better! Nobody quite knew what to expect from Rikky Fredo & Fabulous Fucktones. But I have to say…these “fakengers” rocks! I didn’t have such a fun for a long time! And the same counts for the half naked audience! Good times and rock’n’roll! I don’t really know which band won the battle, however these guys managed to raise around £200! So the LCEF is the winner! Well done all of you, who are about to rock!

by Vojtech