London’s Calling 5 is over, we are tired but very happy. A combination of grand courier spirit, great  races  and awesome parties made it our best event so far.

All made possible by the hard work of the LCEF crew so thank you Vojtech,Apryl anDarren. Many thanx to Delphina for helping out at the bar, Gertie and Rosine,our Rollapaluza power couple, 100% beefcock and the titbursters, Rikki Fredo and the Fucktones, Ragworm, Franky and the Jacks and Noise complaint for the sound, all DJ’s,Lawrence for a great set, Sleepy for more great beats, Lano for taking to the decks one more time and Dazzler for making us boogie ’till the end of the night.

Thanx to Dave and Sam at the Limehouse Town hall, the boys at the Electric Matchbox, Hinde for the Courieoke, all the staff at the Victoria pub. Big up to all the Alleycat marshalls and everyone who helped us out during the weekend.

It was a pleasure to see so many out-of-towners and friendly faces who came out and partied with us.

And big thank you to all our sponsors.

It was also one of our main fundraiser for the LCEF.

See you all in Edinburgh for another weekend of messenger madness..can’t wait..

Check the ECMC Edinburgh here:

Check the London’s calling 5 website for results and pictures of the event: