When we started the fund 5 years ago, we had a few hundred pound collected from a couple of races after 2 of our courier mates suffered a bad crash on the same day. 

We got thinking of ways to raise more money so we would be able to sustain the fund and help out any riders who needed it in the future.  

Bought and worn by cycling enthusiasts all over the globe, the famous London LCEF cycling cap was our first bit of merchandise. A full range of LCEF goodies is now available and the LCEF cycling jerseys are coming soon.

Donations have also been a great help to the fund especially in those early days. More recently, after the passing of  Steffan Davies, a keen cyclist and familiar face in the courier scene, many of his friends have donated to the LCEF in his memory.

I would also like to mention Lees Solicitors/Bike Claims Solicitors in Birkenhead, who have made a generous £250 donation a couple of weeks ago.

 And of course,the London  and the world courier community have contributed heaps to keep the fund going and make it bigger and better year after year so thanx to all of you.

But once in a while, someone from the wider cycling community gets in touch and it goes like this “hey, i got  a great idea and i’m gonna raise money for your fund”;  which is exactly what Apollo Gerolymbos has done…he’s gone and built a couple of bikes with parts donated for this project.

bike 1 bike 2 Now those two bikes are top prizes in a raffle in aid of the LCEF , raffle tickets are £5 and are on sale until the 31st of May.

Apollo has raised £250 so far so help him to raise more and get in with a chance to win one of these two beauties, check out the full story and get your raffle ticket here:


You can also check Apollo’s blog: