Where do couriers like to go on holiday? courier events of course…with other couriers, riding their bikes and doing courier things.

These coming months are packed with messenger races and championships that will take us in all corner of Europe,well Switzerland mainly.

The summer kicks off with the Bern ECMC 2013 pre-event in Milano. I’ll be heading off to sunny Italy next week to help out my good friend  Matteo and catch up with fellow messengers.

  More info here: http://ecmcpreevent2013.tumblr.com

Check the teaser: http://vimeo.com/66745450


The pre-event will be followed by a ride to Bern, Switzerland, where the  18th European Cycle Messenger Championships will be taking place.

Everything you need to know is here: http://www.ecmc2013.ch/index-en.html



Few weeks to recover and it will be time to ride off again. The whole messenger community is eagerly waiting for the 21st edition of the Cycle Messenger World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland. It promises to be an impeccably organised and extravagant event.

The Lausanne crew have been working hard for the past couple of years, after securing the bid at the CMWC in Warsaw to host the largest messenger event of the year. They have been racing, winning and partying harder than anyone else and brought their jacuzzi everywhere they went.

So very much looking forward to hit the mountain roads and spend that first weekend of August by  Lake Leman with the messenger family.

All info here: http://cmwc13.com/en


Now all i need to do is find that beer voucher Josephine gave me a couple of year ago.


But before we breathe in the clean air of the Swiss mountains, our first port of call will be Paris for the CMWC 2013 pre-event: Paname Experience 2. 

The Paname crew are renowned for putting on grueling alleycats and riotous parties. So it’s back to the homeland for me. I will definitely have to curb swearing in French at drivers; that might get me into trouble.

All details are here: http://www.panamexperience2.com/



More events, races, alleycats etc will be happening all over so check your courier calendar for any local events.

And London? well, the 6th edition of London’s Calling will be on the 6/7/8 September.

We have a cracking team of young, enthusiastic couriers, who are working hard to bring you a devilish event.

More info very soon… 

London's calling 2013 final