A few months ago, Apollo Gerolymbos got in touch with a fund raising idea..build a couple of bikes with donated frames and bike parts, raffle some tickets and give all the proceeds to the LCEF. With the help and generosity of cyclists from the Fixed Gear and Single Speed Forum, he built these two beauties ready to be taken for a ride.

The Peugeot Equipe

bike 2

The Specialized Langster

bike 1

Few weeks later and with £1010 worth of raffle tickets sold, i met up with Apollo and his friends  at the Jolly Butcher in Stokey to draw the winning tickets.


And our lucky winners are Sabine Rosenkranz and James Robinson so congratulations. Story goes that James pledged an extra £50 donation if he won one of the bike and he kept his word. So thank you Apollo, thank you James and to all the peeps who donated towards this project and all of  you who bought tickets…we’re touched.