The last few weeks have been busy, busy..riding, travelling, partying and raising some serious funds for the LCEF.

While in Lausanne for the Cyling Messenger World Championships, we held a LCEF stand that was very popular with messengers and locals alike and raise nearly £3000 in a couple of days selling the LCEF merchandise. Looking trough the pictures from the event, it seems every second rider is wearing one of our cap so thanx again to the global courier community for supporting us and an amazing time.



While there, i bumped into Lukas, one of the organisers of the European Cycle Messengers Championships in Bern. Back in April, as part of the world courier calendar sponsorship, we sent £800 from the sale of the calendars to them to help with the organisation of the ECMC. He told me the event had been a success and made a healthy profit so they decided that they wanted to return the favour and made a generous donation of £1200 to the LCEF.

Back in London, we got on with the organisation of the 6th edition of London’s Calling, a 3 days event of races, cycling events and parties that bring the London courier community together and is one of our main fundraising weekend. Over 100 riders registered and we made a profit of over £2000..thanx to all of you who came and took part and contributed to making the event a success…all results, pictures etc here:

Another sweet touch to this weekend was the £900 cheque that was handed to me by Brenda from the Hackney branch of the London Cycling Campaign. The money was raised during the night ride from London to Dunwich back in July. More info about the ride and its origin here: They also have a Facebook group if you would like to join or are interested in other local rides.


Last but not least, i have received an email from Bo’s mum, Kathie last week. She’s impressed with the work we do so she’s making a monthly donation. As much as we appreciate larger donations, we are also touched by individuals who dig deep in their pockets and support us on a regular basis.

The continuous support from the cycling community is keeping us going and giving us the enthusiasm to organize more events. Our goal now is to spread the word within the London courier community. We would like every new cycle couriers in this city to know that we exist and that we can bring support and financial help when they need it the most so tell everyone you know who rides a bike for a living about the LCEF.