The London courier community has lost one of his brother. Young Josh has ridden off and left us all quite shaken. All my thoughts are going to his family and friends. I’ll remember him with a big smile on his face, his lips all swollen after crashing at the last London’s Calling, raising his pint to good times with the mess family.

Rest In Peace Josh…

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Some words from Clarence:

“I was first aware of Josh by noticing the BDP tattoo behind his right leg and his in your face way of riding before I got to spend much time with him. If anything that Boogie Down Productions tattoo was nothing but a glimpse into one of the most energetic and straight talking courier I had ever met. 
From talking to other people who knew Josh and reading the comments left on various forums I have been left with a much greater sense of loss. The comments have been testament to his approach to life and has been helpful in coming to terms with his passing. Many have been reflecting on his young age but his experiences from these various anecdotes appear to show a life lived to the full. 
On the road Josh will be missed. For most of the couriers the road is what keeps us together. Even though Josh was now on a path to pursue other things he will always be a courier. His love and knowledge of all things bikes was extraordinary as were his bar-spins. 
With the help of James, a fellow courier, this piece is our way of celebrating his life.”

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Josh’s funeral will be held on Friday 21 February at 2.30pm at St Mary’s Church, Church Lane, Walberton, Arundel BN18 0UD.
 The nearest train station is Barnham (from Victoria) 2 miles away. The number for Barnham Station Taxis is 01243 551 753.
And of course, times like these makes us miss our departed friends even more. Those riders who were part of our community and left us too soon. On the 23rd February, it will be 10 years that Sebastian Lukomski passed away. I think of him every time i go past that spot on Southwark Bridge…never forgotten.