Welcome to the LCEF! The goal of the London Courier Emergency Fund is to provide support and financial help to those bicycle couriers who have suffered an injury whilst at work.

Most bicycle couriers are classified as self-employed sub-contractors for tax purposes and as such are not entitled to any kind of sick pay. So when a messenger is injured, they will not earn. Given the obvious perils of bicycle delivery, there is always a chance that couriers will be forced to take some time off the road due to injury suffered at work at some time during their courier life. If this happens to you we may be able to provide you with some help.

You can contact us (or ask someone to contact us on your behalf)  here..

Stephanie Bartczak on 07534713763

We will simply need to know:

-Your name & call sign

-Your address & phone number

-A contact number and the name of your contoller at your courier company

-Details of a fellow courier who can vouch for any details given

-Details of the incident keeping you off the road

A minimum payment of £150 will be available if it is likely that you will be kept off the road for two weeks due to your injury. Larger or further payments may be available in some cases but this will be wholly at the discretion of the LCEF committee and based on the merits and individual circumstances of each individual case.

The circumstances of each case will be dealt with in strict confidence but should you receive a payout from the LCEF we may ask you for permission to publicise details in order to promote the further growth of the fund itself.

Where does funding for the LCEF come from?

From the courier community and beyond, but anyone can help with fundraising. In fact, this will be an important part in building on the longevity and success of the LCEF. We would love to hear from anyone with any ideas or initiatives that could help build on the fund, whether it be organising an event, making a personal donation, sponsorship ideas or anything else that you think could support us.

So get your thinking caps on and please help us with your ongoing support by letting your colleagues know about the fund and in keeping an eye out for any upcoming LCEF related events.



Stephanie Bartczak (Papillon)





5 Responses to “About”

  1. Rock Says:

    Hey Stephanie we met at ECMC 2009 Berlin i hope doing well and hope to meet each other
    with love and respect your rock 666 from zürich Switzerland

  2. […] The next adventure By thatmessengerchick In exactly a week, these four reprobates will be riding from Lands End to Leather Lane (that’s in London), to raise money for the LCEF. […]

  3. I want to thank for your help who has obtained from you, it’s very helped raise up and get back to work after two breaks these months
    Thank you again for your help

  4. Nick Says:

    Hi, just wanted to say thank you for the wonga. It’s been a great help, and has halted my decline into depression, as I have watched my wrist go through three casts, acquire to large holes and one giant screw, in three weeks. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  5. Maira Fenci Says:

    Hi! Thanks a lot to LCEF, who helped me big time when I had nowhere else to turn to, following a kneecap fracture. No complications, quick resolution, awesome work and so necessary for all of us couriers! Thanks again and hope I can retribute one day soon.

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