Sizes and colours are available depending on our present stock but we re-stock often so if we don’t have the item you are looking for, we will get it for you asap. 

For all orders, drop us a line at:

Caps: £8 available in black, red, white, green, grey, light pink, light blue and dark blue.Most caps are available with or without the champion stripe. One size.




LCEF patches: £5


Short sleeved t-shirts LCEF classic logo: £10 available in black, red, white, olive green, blue, grey and maroon. Sizes S/M/L/XL (check individual colour for sizes)

Long sleeved t-shirts LCEF classic logo: £12 available in black. Size S/M/L / XL 

tees-9             1377612_10201601983748090_1993295784_n

                                                                                   Hoodies  LCEF classic logo:£20





New hoodies LCEF classic logo with 3 back pockets: £35 

Hoodies with zip LCEF classic logo: £25 


                                                                                   Sweater LCEF classic logo: £15








                                                                Short sleeved t-shirts LCEF BLING collection: £10



 Cycling jersey LCEF classic logo short sleeves  : £50. Sizes XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL 

kor_20161204_0104     kor_20161204_0105



Winter cycling jersey with fleecy layer LCEF classic logo: £55 available in black. Size S/M/L/XL/2XL 

kor_20161204_0010     kor_20161204_0021











24 Responses to “Merchandise”

  1. samihmd9 Says:

    How do I purchase a hoddie?

  2. René Acosta Says:

    Would like purchase lrg lonsleeve jersey and 2 caps and 1 patch

    1. lcef Says:

      Hi Rene, please, send me an email to: and I’ll sort out your order.

  3. Marco Antonio Arias Says:

    Hi, do you send to Spain?

    1. lcef Says:

      Yes, we do..

  4. Hi, are the white prints reflective?

    1. lcef Says:


      The white prints are not reflective but I should look into reflective paint..good idea..

  5. Mandy Mcmullins Says:

    I would like to order black print hoodie. Size XL

    1. lcef Says:

      Hi Mandy,
      Please, get in touch at:


  6. Jerica Says:

    would like to order a men’s XL in blue and olive green? do you ship to the states?

    Thank you!

    1. lcef Says:

      Hi there,

      We ship everywhere.
      I do have blue and olive green t-shirts in XL.

      Please, email me at:

      Thanks, Stephanie

  7. Lloyd G Says:

    Hi do you have dark blue London cycle hat ?

    1. lcef Says:

      Hi there,

      We have dark blue caps with or without the champion stripe.
      Please, get in touch at:


      1. Lloyd G Says:

        Hi can you tell me if this has been posted as yet?

  8. Anthi Says:

    Is this still going? Last post was in 2015.

    1. lcef Says:


      Our last post was end 2016 (still quite a while ago)…we are still going, check London Courier Emergency Fund page on Facebook and Instagram.

      Website is being updated, it’s a slow process 🙂

      If you are interested in any merchandise, please, email at:


  9. Shahaf paz Langer Says:

    Hello, I’m from Israel and I want to buy a hat and a hoodie with pockets in the back, how do I order?

    1. lcef Says:

      Hi there, please, contact me at@ with your order .thanks

  10. Jesse Lis Says:

    Do you ship to the US?

    1. lcef Says:

      Hi Jesse, we ship everywhere.
      Please, email to: with your query or order.

  11. Gwyneth Braunton Says:

    I would like to order a classic LCEF hoodie with 3 back pockets in medium please
    Many thanks
    Gwyneth Braunton

    1. lcef Says:

      Hi Gwyneth, please, contact me at: with your address and i’ll pass on payment details.
      Thanks, Stephanie

  12. […] looks (he features as Mr December along with his brother in the latest LCEF naked calendar – buy one here). But, he also happens to be very good courier. He’s not the only one either; the guy who high […]

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