It’s 2015 and the London Courier Emergency Fund is hosting another great courier event here in London. So get ready for more London fun, sun, rain and pain. No doubt a bit of mayhem will kick off too.

    So get your diaries out and black out the middle weekend in September. Book your flights, and make sure you get into central London by 5pm on Friday 11th.
    As usual, we will be putting on a packed weekend of races, parties, silly games and goulash. We will be raising money for the London Courier Emergency Fund, which is still helping out injured couriers across the capital. Unlucky messengers rely on the LCEF to help them out when accidents happen, so we hope that with your help, attendance and party spirit, we can make sure the LCEF continues to exist and be there in times of trouble for all the London Messfam.
    We hope you will also be coming to the WISE BMC in Glasgow in August, and look forward to bringing the fun back down south just before the Autumn kicks in for real.
We are looking forward to having you all here in London Town with us, getting merry.
Check the website and register:
To coincide with the London’s Calling 8, we have also teamed up with Milltag, purveyors of fine cycling jerseys, to bring you a limited edition model.
They are ready for pre-order and retail at £70, with £20 going to the LCEF.
Available in mens and womens..
All info and specs on their website:

Happy new year to all the people who have supported us in the past year, whether you have bought our merchandise, made a donation, send supportive words or helped out in any way.

We have helped out 15 riders throughout the year, giving out several payouts to some of them, to help them through injuries sustained at work, while riding and making a living on the bike.

It’s been another busy year with several successful fundraising events, great collaborations with artists and some amazing riding trips with fellow messengers that took me to Central America and across Europe.

The international community has, again, been really supportive and we have been happy to help them back by participating in the Sister City Alleycat series to raise funds for the CMWC and sending out some of the profits to the sale of the LCEF Calendar 2015 to the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund, the Warsaw courier fund, the organisation of CMWC and ECMC.

If you haven’t got your copy of the new calendar, it’s not too late..we got a few left…



The LCEF is now entering its 7th year of raising funds and helping out couriers in need although things will be slowing down a notch as i won’t have so much time in the near future to dedicate to the fund. There won’t be any of the usual big events like London’s Calling this year.

I will be keeping up with orders, admin and obviously claims from injured riders as long as possible and time allowing will try to organise smaller events/races. So i f anyone out there is interested in getting involved in any way or help out, even punctually, get in touch.

To round up this post, here’s the testimonial of Greg, a rider we helped out a few months ago. It feels good to be appreciated 🙂     

“Being a bicycle courier is unlike any other job. You feel free when you’re pedalling around the city. You see different sights. You’re never tied to one place. It gives you a sense of tremendous excitement. I am a courier, and I love my job. I’ve worked as a courier since February 2013, having worked in service and administrative positions previously. And I can tell you, nothing compares.

Back in June of this year, I was injured while working. I came around a corner, trying to get to my pickup as quickly as I could, when I hit a pothole and went down. I crashed shoulder first into the pavement, with some pretty good speed. I had broken my collar bone and messed up my shoulder joint. Needless to say, I was devastated.

Some of the couriers mentioned I should speak with the people who run the London Courier Emergency Fund. I was a bit hesitant to do so, but quickly ran out of money and found my situation to be desperate. So, I got in touch with Stephanie from the LCEF and she made it incredibly easy for me to get some help. It was so great to know that, even though my work couldn’t help me, there was a amazing community that could. Stephanie even went the extra mile by granting me a loan to help while I get back on my pedals. The LCEF has been there for me while others have fallen short.

I want to conclude by saying that the LCEF is truly a great organisation, with the best interest of couriers always in mind. I would also recommend to anyone in a less-than-pleasant situation to contact LCEF when in trouble. It’s also important that we show support and spread the word. Thank you, LCEF!

Greg Dearing – Addison Lee Courier”